Literary Journals

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  1. Guest Post, Once Upon a Time, Recall, Superstition Review, March 2017.
  2. After the Autobiography,” Superstition Review, July 2015.
  • listed as “notable” in Best American Essays 2016

“Infelicities of Style,” ZyzzyvaVolume 30, #102, Autumn 2014.

  • listed as “notable” in Best American Essays 2015

“For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors,”Superstition Review, Issue 14, Fall 2014.

“On the Couch,” Gettysburg Review, Autumn 2013. Reprinted in Poetry Daily.

“Haunting Synagogues,” Bellingham Review, Spring 2011.

  • listed as “notable” in Best American Essays 2012

“The Bagel in the Snowflake,” North Atlantic Review, #21, 2010.

  • listed as “notable” in Best American Essays 2011

Proust at Rush Hour,” The Sun, March 2009. 

  • listed as “notable” in Best American Essays 2010

“Two Cab Drivers and a Masseuse,” North Dakota Quarterly, Summer & Fall 2008.

Laura’s work has also appeared in Alembic, Cimarron ReviewConfrontation, Columbia JournalCompass RoseFourth RiverThe Rambler, and The Rumpus.



Authors Talk series, Superstition Review, December 2016: “Notes for My Swedish Translator.” Listen to the podcast here.

Featured author reading of “For Single Mothers Working As Train Conductors,” Superstition Review. June 2015. Listen to the podcast here.