Alert #11: The Electoral College: Messing with Texas

“Not every battle can be won, but every battle must be waged.”*

Charles Blow (who should be knighted, in my view) wrote these words last week in

The New York Times, and they now form one of my guiding principles

as Popular-Vote-Loser Trump continues his predatory, bigoted, corrupt, blundering approach

to–well, everything.


In the same vein, Rebecca Solnit wrote recently in The Guardian:

“Why not seize history before it tramples us?”**


In the spirit of these words, today I bring you actions related to the Electoral College, which will convene on 19 December. As many of you know, one Elector in Texas wrote yesterday that he will not vote for Trump, and another (also Texan) has resigned, stating that he cannot, in good conscience, vote for Trump.

Here you will find information about the Electoral College and links to actions we should all take before the 19th, including writing to all of the Electors and signing an Electoral College petition on

Beware, you will receive some snarky auto-replies from Electors (also from Texas!) but don’t be disheartened. We are fighting the good fight.

Thank you, Jill:

Here is information about other things you can do after you sign the petition, such as donating to promote it and donating to support full-page newspaper ads containing open letters to the Electors. The Electoral College petition has garnered more signatures than any petition in the history of

And finally, some inspiration (Texas heard from again):

followed by a bit of humor: an act of harmless yet meaningful pranktivism (just invented that word), courtesy of Aliesha:


*   Blow:

** Solnit:

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