Alert #12: Fighting the Hate

Where we are now:

The New York Times has a new section called “This Week in Hate” that looks to be a regularly recurring feature in the paper. Ponder that for a moment.


Especially awful is how acts of hate affect children, who are suffering now not only at the hands of others more or less their own size, but also at the hands of their so-called teachers.

From the second iteration of “This Week in Hate” [The italics are mine]:

“Last Thursday, a Muslim woman was attacked on the 6 train in Manhattan by three men who called her a terrorist, mentioned Donald Trump and attempted to rip off her hijab. “No one said a thing,” she said of her fellow subway riders. “Everyone just looked away.”

How many people of good will looked away because they simply did not know what to do?

Here are some resources on how to intervene if you witness harassment. Let’s all peruse them and hope we never have to use them.

There is always something we can do.

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