Alert #15: What Now?

Delusional as it was, I had my hopes pinned on the Electoral College yesterday. I mean, Michael Moore, who called the election for Trump last August (I, for one, thought he had finally gone utterly bonkers) and said that, as a result, people have been asking him since the election to choose their Lotto numbers, recently predicted that Trump would not “make it” to Inauguration Day. What did he mean, if not that a large number of Electors would turn faithless? Did he think that Trump would commit hara-kiri? Or that Melania would prevail on him to spend more time with his family and that he should therefore decline the presidency?

Anyway, MM got it wrong this time. What people forget when they say that this election season has been full of unexpected twists is that all of the twists favoured Trump. There was not one single one that tilted in the other direction.

So… it may be heretical to say this, given all the damage to human rights and the environment that is about to be unleashed, but I do think that this hard rain that’s a-gonna fall will mobilize us progressives like nothing we’ve seen in decades. Woo-hoo!

And here is some information about how to get mobilized. Remember, not every battle can be won, but every battle must be waged. (Thank you, Charles Blow! I think of you at least once every 24 hours, even on those days when you don’t have a column in the Times.) We are fighting not only to save the country, but also to save our souls.

1. This is a guide by former Congressional staffers on how to build an effective resistance by pressuring our Congresspeople and Senators, on the model of the Tea Party. Same bottles, different wine. Essentially, prepare questions, show up at their public meetings in small groups spread throughout the hall, act as if there are a lot of us, make lots of noise and make them squirm until they do what we want:

And may I add here that the weak link in NY State is Senator Chuck Schumer, soon to be the Senate Minority leader, who is unabashedly seeking ways to collaborate with Trump (see: infrastructure, which is nothing more and nothing less than a Trump personal enrichment plan). We need to put pressure on Schumer, lots o’ pressure.

2. Masha Gessen, the Russian-American journalist who fled Russia under threat of losing her child because she and her wife are gay, and who has no small experience in living under authoritarianism, has some suggestions, here:

3. And finally, advice from Latin Americans who are used to having their elections stolen by foreign powers (that’s US, guys, no pun intended!).

Thank you for that last one, Ned. (Good to see a man getting into the act finally! All previous contributions have been from women, including all the ones I haven’t been able to use. Oh, except for one from my brother, I think. Get busy, you deadbeats!)

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