Alert #17: March with us in NYC on 21 January

Much as we all wish the calendar* below were an accurate depiction of the passage

of time over the coming weeks, 20 January is indeed bearing down…

*Thank you for sending the calendar, Paul.

A group is coalescing to join the New York Women’s March on 21 January. (We are three and counting. Hi Anne! Hi Miriam!) The March begins opposite the United Nations at 11 am and will proceed up Fifth Avenue to Trump Tower. I think this is, in a way, a more symbolic route than the one that the March in Washington, D.C. will take the same day.

Remember, this is not exclusively for women. Supporters of women are also
urged to come. That means everyone on this list.

Let me know if you will be joining us.

You can register at the link below. The site even issues tickets to print out (admission is free, of course), although I doubt anyone will be checking. In fact, I think registration is optional.
Warning: if you join us, you may find yourself pushing me in the wheelchair I have rented for the occasion. If you need a wheelchair intermittently during the march, I am happy to take turns.

I hope to see lots of you there.

If you aren’t in New York City, please join the march being held in the city where you are. There will be marches all over the country.

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