Alert #21: Heroes, A Roundup

As PVL (Popular-Vote-Loser) Trump said yesterday in his Judenrein comments on International Holocaust Remembrance Day (yes, folks, his comments about the Shoah made absolutely no mention of Jews or anti-Semitism. What’s next? Jim Crow without African-Americans?):

“It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people  [during the Nazi genocide]… Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest.”

That last part certainly rings true at this historical moment:

1. This evening I came home to a message about a last-minute demonstration at Kennedy Airport going on right now to protest the detention without access to legal counsel of new arrivals from the seven Muslim countries on the new banned list. Incidentally, these people have legitimate visas and include an interpreter reported to have saved many American lives in Iraq and at least one green-card holder married to an American citizen. Supporters and sponsors of the protest include the New York Civil Liberties Union, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, three members of the City Council, and others. Here is the notice: to Facebook, police were stopping some protesters and preventing them from joining the action, but Governor Cuomo issued an order to let them through.

Wapo points out that absent from the list of banned Muslim countries are Muslim countries where Trump has business interests:


including some countries, such as Turkey, that have pretty serious terrorism issues.

2. Good ol’ PVW (Popular Vote Winner) Al Gore (remember him?) has announced that a conference on climate change that this past week was postponed indefinitely by its original sponsor, the Centers for Disease Control, will go forward in February as scheduled, but minus the CDC.Gore, his foundation and other partners are keeping the event on track.

3. The Netherlands is putting its finger in the dike by working to assemble a coalition of countries to establish an international safe abortion fund. The fund aims to plug the gap created by Trump’s reinstatement of the Reagan-era ‘gag rule’ (aka Mexico City policy), which pulls support from international aid projects  that so much as mention abortion:

Federal agencies and anonymous government employees are tweeting their opposition:

4. A group calling itself “the unofficial NASA resistance team” has put out a call for volunteers to archive materials on their web page before they are scrubbed. “Trusted people who are not NASA staffers” have been drafted for this operation so that NASA staffers do not lose their jobs:

5. The National Parks Service tweeted information about climate change and other topics the Trumpsters are trying to make off limits:

Wrote Tim Egan in The New York Times on 27 January:

“The response to the dawning realization that a crazy man had taken over the White House was truth. From Badlands National Park came a tweet about more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than any time in the last 650,000 years. From the Redwood park, a note about the saving grace of ancient trees. From Death Valley, a reminder that Japanese-Americans had once been interned there….[And] look what popped up from the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site in Buffalo, a quotation from T.R. on free speech: “a necessity in any country where the people are free.” ”

More about this:

And yes, yes, I know everyone has heard about the National Parks tweets already, and the accounts have been shut down, but what a beautiful story! To leave it off this list would be a glaring omission, and so I am, in my low-tech way, re-tweeting.

6. An anonymous mid-level West Wing staffer and self-described loyal Republican who is now severely disillusioned after a few weeks or months on the Trump train tweeted about chaos and demoralization behind the scenes at the White House, saying he/she will keep sending out communiqués until exposed and sacked. At last report, the account had gone silent.

These digital cris de coeur are like the final calls from the World Trade Towers and flight #93 before they went down. But in their way, even more courageous and with an element of hope that was of course absent on 9/11.

7. Back in the non-virtual world, Senator McCain talks turkey about torture, stating categorically that we will not go back. He seems well on the way to becoming Trump’s divine pain in the ass in the Senate. Another reason to be glad he didn’t win the presidential election in 2008.
Thank you, Sarah Palin.

8. New York State’s own Senator Gillibrand has earned the title “Dr. No” for voting against these cabinet picks:

Mattis for Secretary of Defence (that vote was 98-1!)
Pompeo for CIA

Kelly for Homeland Security.

Go, Kirsten!

All of this is utterly unprecedented. Let’s get inspired.

PS Sales of George Orwell’s 1984 and A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood are spiking. Let’s keep them flying off the shelves.

Time Magazine has a pussy hat on its cover this week, and, inside, coverage of the March that is positively rapturous.

Read it here:

But be sure to be buy a hard copy so that it outsells the Person of the Year edition with Trump on the cover.

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