Alert #5: Grab ‘Em By the Pocketbook: Boycotting Businesses That Sell Trump Products

This in just in time for Black Friday and the annual month-long shopping orgy. Let’s grab ’em by the pocketbook. These are businesses that we all patronize, and all of them sell Trump products. How many of us have Amazon Prime accounts? Yeah. Me too. Time to sacrifice it. Toss it on the bonfire. Right now. Before you shop again.

(I just did it. By phone. Wrenching. Sorry, Dad. No more Pepperidge Farm double chocolate Nantucket (Dark Chocolate) cookies delivered to your doorstep. But I hear you cheering.)

If you call Amazon to tell them that you’re cancelling your account in order to boycott Trump, you’ll be asked to name a specific Trump product that Amazon sells. Here are some ideas from the web site:

“adorable deplorable” T-shirt;
“Success” deodorant for men;
March 1990 Playboy with Donald Trump on the cover.

I don’t know the person who drew up the spreadsheet at the link below, which lists businesses, including many chain and department stores, that sell Trump products (both Donald and Ivanka, and precisely which products), but it looks awfully meticulous to me.

Thank you, Magda, for passing this on.

Here is Shannon Coulter’s google doc spreadsheet, which she updates regularly:

The list of Trump-affilliated companies is long, and includes Amazon, Macys, Nordstrom and many others.

Shannon advocates cancelling credit accounts and taking other steps, all done with notice to the company that you will return should they change their product line.

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