Alert #8: Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

In my unceasing quest to clog your in-box with things you haven’t seen elsewhere,

I give you these:


Shoppers and store clerks flock to the aid of a woman in a hijab being harassed by another shopper.

Thank you, Paul.

2. And because I know my demographic, and my demographic does not read Cosmo, this:

About calling the House Oversight Committee about Popular-Vote-Loser Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Thank you, Meg.

  1. Not sure this next one is about finding hope in unexpected places, but it will bring a wry

smile to your face:

4. I am assuming everyone has already called Paul Ryan to weigh in in favor of Obamacare. (He is testing the waters re getting rid of it.)

5. And I urge you all to protest the police brutality at Standing Rock.

Information for items 4 and 5 is all over the Internet.

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