Alert #2: Donate to NARAL in Honor of Mike Pence

Here is one of my favorite protest ideas thus far. . Will you join the backlash by making a donation of $15 to NARAL Pro-Choice America in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s name today? We’ll notify Mike Pence on your behalf that NARAL members donated in his “honor.” Mike Pence is the perfect target for this message,… Continue Reading

Alert #1: Pledge to Register as a Muslim if Trump Creates a Registry

Donald Trump has said he intends to create a registry of Muslims living in the United States, and a registry of Muslims entering the United States. Here’s a simple but incredibly effective way to fight back. If Trump implements a Muslim registry, all Americans should pledge to register as Muslims in solidarity. The idea comes… Continue Reading

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: My criteria for these alerts are: -witty, original or urgent actions, small and large, to subvert the incoming Trump regime; -information and encouragement that need wider dissemination. I’m trying to mix it up: actions plus food for thought, avoiding the petitions that everyone has already seen and signed. Please: -if you come across anything that… Continue Reading