• Crossing Borders, Stories and Essays About Translation, ed. Lynn Sharon Schwartz, Seven Stories Press, contains work by Joyce Carol Oates, Primo Levi, Lydia Davis and many others, as well as Laura’s “In Love With Russian” (aka “The Husband Method). Order the book here.

  • The winners of the 2017 Notting Hill Essay Prize are contained in a volume entitled Five Ways of Being a Painting and Other Essays. Congratulations to First Prize Winner William Max Nelson and the other winners. The award ceremony for the 2017 Notting Hill Essay Prize included a discussion moderated by two of the judges, with five of the six winners participating. It can be viewed here. The book, which contains Laura’s essay “Losing the Nobel,” can be purchased at New York Review Books or Penguin Random House.


  • The essay “For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors,” originally published in Superstition Review, was translated into Swedish and published in volume 2 of Gränslös: roliga, allvarliga och annorlunda berättelser om resor (which means Without Borders: Comical, Serious and Off-the-Wall Tales of Travel), an anthology of literary travel writing. See an image of the book here.

Authors Talk series, Superstition Review, December 2016:

In “Notes for My Swedish Translator,” Laura talks about having her work translated into Swedish.

Listen to the podcast here.