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Alert #17: March with us in NYC on 21 January

Much as we all wish the calendar* below were an accurate depiction of the passage of time over the coming weeks, 20 January is indeed bearing down… *Thank you for sending the calendar, Paul. A group is coalescing to join the New York Women’s March on 21 January. (We are three and counting. Hi Anne!… Continue Reading

Alert #16: Hell, No! (Some History)

1. Standing Rock The Water Protectors at Standing Rock are only the most recent example. They showed us once again that what matters in political protest, as in just about everything else, is staying power: showing up, sticking it out, coming back, not going away. Yes, the Standing Rock fight begins again after Inauguration Day,… Continue Reading

Alert #15: What Now?

Delusional as it was, I had my hopes pinned on the Electoral College yesterday. I mean, Michael Moore, who called the election for Trump last August (I, for one, thought he had finally gone utterly bonkers) and said that, as a result, people have been asking him since the election to choose their Lotto numbers,… Continue Reading

Alert #14: The Electoral College Again

(You did not miss Alert #13. I went straight from 12 to 14; the times are making me superstitious.) Okay, so unless you’ve been living on Pluto, which is not even a planet any more, you know that the Electoral College is convening next Monday, 19 December, and it’s not over until it’s over. You… Continue Reading

Alert #12: Fighting the Hate

Where we are now: The New York Times has a new section called “This Week in Hate” that looks to be a regularly recurring feature in the paper. Ponder that for a moment. [pause] Especially awful is how acts of hate affect children, who are suffering now not only at the hands of others more… Continue Reading

Alert #11: The Electoral College: Messing with Texas

“Not every battle can be won, but every battle must be waged.”* Charles Blow (who should be knighted, in my view) wrote these words last week in The New York Times, and they now form one of my guiding principles as Popular-Vote-Loser Trump continues his predatory, bigoted, corrupt, blundering approach to–well, everything.   In the same vein,… Continue Reading

Alert #10: Resistance (not just petitions any more)

Today I’m not asking you to do anything. Except think. Word in the blabbersphere now is that the plethora of petitions going around post-election will have little impact, because they are too numerous and too clamorous. I have no idea what to think about this and continue signing and circulating. After all, they are not… Continue Reading

Alert #9: Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday. Most non-profits will match gifts made today until 11:59 pm. I just donated in “honor” of Steve Bannon to the Southern Poverty Law Center (which tracks hate crimes and works to foster tolerance and understanding). Here is the link: Where it asks how to notify the “honoree,” I requested that… Continue Reading

Alert #8: Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

In my unceasing quest to clog your in-box with things you haven’t seen elsewhere, I give you these: Shoppers and store clerks flock to the aid of a woman in a hijab being harassed by another shopper. Thank you, Paul. 2. And because I know my demographic, and my demographic does not read Cosmo,… Continue Reading

Alert # 7: A Stemwinder on the Floor of the Irish Parliament

Today let us give thanks to eloquent, truth-telling Irishmen who call out evil right on the floor of Parliament.   This is a concise stemwinder you’ll want to watch more than once.   The speaker is Aodhán Ó Ríordáin. Here is his website.:   Here is his speech:   Thank you, Lynn, for sending… Continue Reading