Breakdown of Video

0 minutes to 3:58 remarks by publisher Kim Kremer

4:00 to 17:19 remarks by moderators/judges Rosalind Porter (deputy editor of Granta) and Travis Elborough (freelance writer and cultural critic)

15:43 to 21:42 q and a with William Max Nelson (later revealed as the First Prize winner), author of “Five Ways of Being a Painting”

21:45 to 29:27 q and a with Laura on “Losing the Nobel”

29: 28 to 33:07 discussion of the work of finalist Garret Keizer (who was not present), author of “Grub: A Man in the Market ”

33:08 to 38:54 q and a with Karen Holmberg, author of “In My Head I Carry My Own Zoo”

38:55 to 45:26 q and a with Patrick McGuinness, author of “The Future of Nostalgia”

45:27 to 50:38 q and a with Dasha Shkurpela, author of “Dacha”

50:38 to end distribution of trophies and announcement of First Prize winner